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Trending: Pouches

Or “pochettes”, as I like to call them (it sounds fancier). These hybrids of a clutch and bag have recently been seen on the runway for men and women. Some of my favorites include many of the pouches from Givenchy F/W 2013. 

Comme des Garcons also has a great selection of pouches, and if Rooney Mara has one, why shouldn’t you?

Pictured below is a Balenciaga pouch

Personally, I’m saving up to buy a Givenchy but knowing me, I probably won’t make it and just buy a Comme des Garcons because they are cheaper. However, they’re just as great. In my opinion, Mr. Porter has the best selection online right now, but SSENSE has a great Givenchy.

My Issue with Urban Outfitters

A few months ago, I blogged about how much I love Brian Lichtenberg’s line of Homies, Ballin, Feline, and Bucci t-shirts. This line is meant to be a spoof of designer logos and names. I even purchased one of the Homies shirts myself, and I wear it all the time.

Fast forward to today I was shopping at Urban Outfitters. I’m the first to admit that I really like most of Urban’s selection. However, as I was browsing I noticed a t-shirt that looked like my “Homies” t-shirt. I thought it was interesting that Brian Lichtenberg was now being carried at Urban, especially since his clothes are actually a bit more high end than what Urban sells. I looked at the shirt more closely and realized that this wasn’t a Brian Lichtenberg, it was a complete knock-off. My reaction to this: 

Who does Urban Outfitters think they are by stealing other people’s work? I just don’t understand how that could be legal. Brian Lichtenberg is someone who has had to work hard to get to where he is today and Urban Outfitters thinks that they can just rip him off like that. No. Not cool. 

This is Urban Outfitters’ ugly t-shirt made by the hot mess line that is “Reason”

This is Brian’s glorious shirt that actually is ORIGINAL

My final words to Urban Outfitters (which I will no longer shop at):

Topman is like my home away from home. I remember the first time I shopped there, I had an enlightenment. Like literally my life changed. These are the most recent pieces I picked up. The top picture is a bomber that I needed to have. The second pic is a flower tee which allowed me to participate in the amazing floral trend going on this season. Third pic is a short sleeved button up with a bird pattern on it, which is going to be great for summer. Last but not least, the shoes which are denim with polka dots, also going along with the plimsoll trend.